UIC benefits Zinfonia Users

The benefits for better stock control with the Universal Instrumentation Code are now very clear as more and more HLMSW users world-wide start using the system.

There are benefits also for Zinfonia users where the UIC icon is becoming a common sight.

UIC in Zinfonia

When a title has a UIC, a Zinfonia user can click on on the UIC icon to get a complete breakdown of the instruments in the set in English or German (with French, Italian, Polish and Spanish to follow)


And when they place an order, they get to see precisely what materials they can request:


Note to HLMSW Users: In HLMSW, any item you enter in a work template with a 0 value will appear in Zinfonia as a input item, otherwise it will be listed in the Complete set of performance parts section

Because a UIC is created from the actual parts, it has been found they are much more accurate than the concatenated orchestrations usually used to indicate the instrumentation.

Next year we will be introducing a new option in Zinfonia for UIC searching which is an extremely powerful tool to search repertoire based on the actual requirements of the user, something that was not possible before.

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