about Peter Grimshaw

Peter Grimshaw has over 35 years of experience in music publishing, starting his career at Boosey & Hawkes’ Sydney office, where he spent 15 years as manager of the hire library. He also served as Head of Promotion and finally a Director.

In 1995, Grimshaw formed BTM Innovation, the classical music-publishing sector’s leading software development company. Today, music publishers all over the world rely on BTMI’s flagship product, HLMSW (Hire Library Management System for Windows). In April 2011, he launched the Zinfonia Music Publisher Portal (www.zinfonia.com) providing extensive resources for orchestral, operatic and chamber music, with almost 30,000 users globally. In 2014, he created a new system for the classification of instrumental parts called the Universal Instrument Code (UIC) which set to become a key component in the age of digital distribution.