A Polish First

PWM Edition recently completed the massive project to convert the instrumentation of their entire rental catalogue into the Universal Instrumentation Code format, and is the first publisher to do so.

The real power of the UIC (particularly in searching) can only be demonstrated when there is a large body of work with a UIC and so as more publishers commit to the platform, so does the possibilities for its use (about 4% of titles on Zinfonia have UICs).  The UIC is now available in 5 languages (English, French, German, Italian and Polish) and we are currently extending the ability to easily display UIC information styles familiar with librarians around the world.

Check it out: https://www.zinfonia.com/zShowWork.aspx?publisher=PWM+Edition

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BTMI and nkoda at Frankfurt

The BTMI team will be attending the Frankfurt Musikmesse again this year (April 5-8, 2017), but this time our presence will be complimented by the team from nkoda.

For the uninitiated, nkoda is bringing to market a digital sheet music streaming service which will give access to complete catalogues of major publishers, much of which has never been available from a legitimate source in digital format before. Not only that, they have some pretty amazing tech that can transform scanned PDFs into a form that will make them suitable for any resolution digital device. (If you want to read more about this, click here to see a message I sent to my emREADER mail list subscribers last year).

BTMI and nkoda are working closely together to make sure that the transition from print to digital is a smooth ride for both publisher and consumer.

Coming to Frankfurt?  Contact us to arrange to an appointment because we would love to see you and provide you with a personal brief of all of the exciting developments.


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Automated Performance Exports

Version 8 of HLMSW introduced a number of new features, with one most requested being an easier/better way to share HLMSW performance data with external systems like website performance calendars and for collection societies.  While you can create lists with browses and forms, it is no easy task to produce a list with JUST performances arranged by date.  So we created a Performance Export routine available for HLMSW Administrators using the button here:

As good as this is, I was asked a number of times how it may be possible to automate the creation of these export files, and to this end we have bundled a new utility with the imaginative name HLMSW Performance Export with the most recent version of the Configuration editor which does just that.

The design of program is very simple:

You can select various options to save details to a file or as an email which can be executed directly from the command line in batch files or as a scheduled task.  The above options are represented by the command:

“D:\HLMSW\HLMSW Config\PerfExport\HLMSWPerfExport.exe” /Einfo@btmi.com.au /CAU,NZ /LC /PL

Not that you need to know this,.  Just click on the Command Line box to get the text you need to insert into your batch file or scheduled task.

Selecting performances in the past would be the normal practice for the collection societies, and future performances are what promotion departments and calendar feeds need.  One important feature of this list is that whenever it is generated, the performances are checked to make sure that any changes to the performance details are included in the exports.

It is even possible to change what information is exported, but that will probably require a little assistance from us.

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UIC Errata Handling

The UIC is growing little by little every day, and one of the most complicated parts of the database maintenance regime is to fulfil the underlying concept that every instrument should only have one UIC.

To give you a glimpse of the complexity of the process, we recently were asked to include an instrument called String Drum which can be either a percussion instrument (with the alternate name Lion’s Roar) or a type of Zither (use to describe a type of psaltery) and so more information was required.  To avoid this confusion, in the UIC we named the instrument Lion’s Roar, and provided String Drum as an alternate name. Interestingly if you look at some other common names for the same instrument: Löwengebrull, tambour à cordes and rugghio di leone, they also switch between the reference of a Lion and a Drum and so the confusion is not just a English problem.

There is also my often quoted example of the Tenor Horn, which is also known in some parts as an Alto Horn, or perhaps an E♭ Horn – you can choose whatever name you like, they are all correct but confusing all the same (in the UIC we decided to include BOTH an Alto Horn and a Tenor Horn, because there was some evidence that it could describe a different instrument in some cases).

The challenge to maintain the integrity of the UIC list means that from time to time we will need to make changes to a UIC (to remove a duplicate entry or change an existing one) and so we recently added a new Errata table to the service to control this process.

For HLMSW users, when a change to the UIC is required, the B2B interface will automatically and transparently keep your data in synch with the Global UIC lists.

UIC Management by Committee

There are also plans to hand over the management of the UIC to a select group of musicologists and librarians to ensure that the resource continues to expand to meet the requirements of all who use it.  Interested to participate?  Please let us know.

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Work Tags

A new feature of HLMSW coming in the next release tackles the problem surrounding the extended use of HLMSW to manage much more than just hire/rental material.

With HLMSW version or later you now have the ability to quickly tag and search your works according to 4 special categories:

  1.  Hire/Rent
  2.  Sale
  3.  Print on Demand (POD)
  4.  Digital

Every title in HLMSW can now have any or all of these flags set according to the content.

It is also possible to easily show or hide the different types in any Work Browse using the buttons provided.  You can change your browses so that only particular types are displayed first (using the new WTYPE field), but you can always override this while you are searching.

If you do override this in the search and no records are found, you will have the option to search for ALL records using the Ignore button:

The tag values can only be edited by administrators and users with the permission Edit Defaults from the same company that owns the title.

When the updated is installed, all records will be initially marked Hire/Rent.

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Important HLMSW v8 Update

A new and important update to HLMSW (Build  has been release today.

This version addresses some issues related to email creation and sending particularly with extended characters and some email attachments being ignored by some mail servers (particularly Outlook/Exchange).

It is recommended that ALL users contact BTMI to organise an upgrade to this version as soon as possible.


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Fennica Gehrman and Zinfonia

Finnish publisher Fennica Gehrman recently released a new-look responsive website which showcases some of the possibilities of embedding Zinfonia searches to provide up to date information for their catalogues.


All of the Works for Hire links for every composer is drawn directly from Zinfonia, and the Hire Catalogue can be searched directly from within their webpages.

See http://www.fennicagehrman.fi/ for more information.



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Zinfonia 2016 Review

Zinfonia most performed titles in 2016

  1. Arturo Márquez Danzon No. 2 (Peermusic Classical) attach
  2. Leonard Bernstein West Side Story. Symphonic Dances (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  3. Aaron Copland Appalachian Spring. Suite [Orchestral Version] (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  4. Modest Mussorgsky Pictures at an Exhibition; arr. [Ravel] (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  5. Ottorino Respighi Pini di Roma (Casa Ricordi) attach
  6. Leonard Bernstein Candide. Overture (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  7. Carl Orff Carmina Burana (Schott Music) attach
  8. Béla Bartók Concerto for Orchestra (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  9. Aaron Copland Appalachian Spring. Suite [Chamber Version]  (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  10. Samuel Barber Concerto for Violin and Orchestra (G. Schirmer) attach
  11. Sergey Rachmaninov Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini  (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  12. Benjamin Britten Four Sea Interludes (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  13. Leonard Bernstein Chichester Psalms (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  14. George Gershwin An American in Paris (Gershwin Music) attach
  15. Igor Stravinsky Pulcinella. Suite (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  16. Joaquín Rodrigo Concierto de Aranjuez (Schott Music Mainz / Ediciones Joaquín Rodrigo) attach
  17. Alberto Ginastera Estancia. Dances (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  18. George Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue (Gershwin Music) attach
  19. Aaron Copland Lincoln Portrait (Boosey & Hawkes) attach
  20. Benjamin Britten The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra (Boosey & Hawkes) attach

Zinfonia most performed composers in 2016

  1. Leonard Bernstein attach
  2. Aaron Copland attach
  3. George Gershwin attach
  4. Benjamin Britten attach
  5. Igor Stravinsky attach
  6. Dmitri Shostakovich attach
  7. Sergey Prokofiev attach
  8. John Rutter attach
  9. Béla Bartók attach
  10. Richard Strauss attach

Zinfonia Composers who died in 2016

Pierre Boulez (Wikipedia)

  • David Baker (21.xii.1931 — 26.iii.2016) attach
  • Leslie Bassett (22.i.1923 — 4.ii.2016) attach
  • Pascal Bentoiu (22.iv.1927 — 21.ii.2016) attach
  • Pierre Boulez (26.iii.1925 — 6.i.2016) attach
  • Howard Cable (15.xii.1920 — 30.iii.2016) attach
  • Charles Chaynes (11.vii.1925 — 24.vi.2016) attach
  • Sergei Cortez (18.ii.1935 — 26.vi.2016) attach
  • Clifford Crawley (29.i.1929 — 11.ii.2016) attach
  • Robert Cundick (01926 — 7.i.2016) attach
  • Roland Dyens (19.x.1955 — 29.x.2016) attach
  • Keith Emerson (2.xi.1944 — 10.iii.2016) attach
  • Heiko Fenn (20.vii.1918 — 17.iii.2016) attach
  • Hubert Giraud (28.ii.1920 — 16.i.2016) attach
  • Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen (21.xi.1932 — 27.vi.2016) attach
  • Donald Harris (01931 — 24.iii.2016) attach
  • Walter S Hartley (21.ii.1927 — 30.vi.2016) attach

    Sir Peter Maxwell Davies (Wikipedia)

  • Kamilló Lendvay (28.xii.1928 — 30.xi.2016) attach
  • Zoltán Kocsis (30.v.1952 — 6.xi.2016) attach
  • Ladislav Kupkovic (17.iii.1936 — 15.vi.2016) attach
  • Ursula Mamlok (1.ii.1923 — 4.v.2016) attach
  • George Martin (3.i.1926 — 8.iii.2016) attach
  • Sir Peter Maxwell Davies (8.ix.1934 — 14.iii.2016) attach
  • Franco Oppo (2.x.1935 — 14.i.2016) attach
  • Jean Prodromidès (3.vii.1927 — 17.iii.2016) attach
  • Tibor Pusztai (23.xii.1946 — 10.i.2016) attach
  • Harry Rabinowitz (26.iii.1916 — 22.vi.2016) attach
  • Einojuhani Rautavaara (9.x.1928 — 27.vii.2016) attach
  • Jean-Claude Risset (18.iii.1938 — 21.xi.2016) attach
  • Karel Ružicka (2.vi.1940 — 26.ix.2016) attach

    Einojuhani Rautavaara (Wikipedia)

  • Eva Schorr (28.ix.1927 — 20.i.2016) attach
  • Elliott Schwartz (19.i.1936 — 7.xii.2016) attach
  • Rolf Schweizer (14.iii.1936 — 6.vi.2016) attach
  • Leif Solberg (18.xi.1914 — 25.i.2016) attach
  • Steven Stucky (7.xi.1949 — 14.ii.2016) attach
  • Donald H. White (28.ii.1921 — 4.x.2016) attach
  • Gerhard Wimberger (30.viii.1923 — 13.x.2016) attach
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Office Closed

Don’t forget to let your Zinfonia users know ahead of time of any holiday closures using the Office Closed option in the Settings screen of the Publisher section (Click here to go there now – you will need your PAC to access this section)


BTMI will be working sporadically throughout this time and will be based in London for the first 2 weeks of January for discussions with nkoda on the digital future.  Normal service should resume mid-January.

From Steffen, Joanne and myself, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your custom in what has been a huge year for BTMI. We hope that you all have a safe and happy holiday and we look forward to working with you again in 2017.

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UIC Footnotes

One important new feature with the introduction of the UIC is the concept of Instrumental footnotes.  Footnotes are useful for textual descriptions that supplement the UIC to indicate special requirements, to list actual percussion or some other requirement important to that part/player.

For example, if you wanted to indicate that the Offstage Trumpet is only required in Act 3, it is not really possible to this any other way than with a footnote.

In HLMSW, you would accomplish this in this way:

  1. Add a New Instrument
  2. Search and select Trumpet
  3. Add the Domain On-Stage
  4. Click on the Add or Edit button to make sure that the UIC is registered
  5. Select 7. Footnotes from the Family dropdown
  6. Select a Footnote type from the Genus drop down
  7. Use the Left/Right buttons to add or remove repeated characters
  8. Click on the Add button to add the footnote
  9. Click on the footnote symbol to place a copy in the UIC footnotes section
  10. Include a description in the UIC Footnotes section

Note: It is important that you cannot add a Footnote as the first item in a UIC – you MUST enter an instrument first.

2016-11-24_8-30-19Footnotes are visible on the orchestration window via the Show information button, and you can nominate whether or not this information is printed on any form.


As footnotes cannot be translated, it is recommended to always include English text.

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